The Crafty Cottage Garden!

The Crafty Cottage Garden is an Arts and Crafts business; offering workshops and

crafts to take home.  There are a variety of Adult and Child classes and workshops available; during the

day, occasional evenings and school holidays.


The business is owned and managed by a qualified early years teacher with many years experience working within the early years and with primary school aged children.


The Crafty Cottage Garden can be found in a beautiful rural village setting, situated within the grounds of a 350 year old cottage. It is located at the rear of the property, in a tranquil, relaxing space with wonderful garden views.

"I established my business because I am passionate about enabling people to explore their creativity, discover new skills, gain confidence, promote mental well-being and learn through arts and crafts.

Being the proud mom of two beautiful girls who love crafting and creating unique items, I was always looking for fun activities for them to take part in.


Being able to create a work-life balance is crucial for me to ensure I can spend quality time with the children.


It is imperative that both children and adults can explore creativity, be in the moment and enjoy a relaxed and productive session, which is wonderful for their mental well-being and health.

This is at the heart of establishing my business"

Allison Loughran.  Owner.


I have ordered several times from The Crafty Cottage Garden and have never been disappointed.  Everything I have received has been of a high standard and items have been delivered on time. 

I will definitely be ordering again and am looking forward to taking my 4 year old son to some of the sessions on offer. Highly recommended.

Louise Lockwood



The Crafty Cottage Garden offers unique experiences through a wide variety of activities, in a relaxed and calm environment.


Children of all ages enjoy exploring, creating and developing their creative skills.  They love to use a wide variety of different mediums, producing wonderful creations.  The Crafty Cottage Garden offers opportunity to develop their creativity in lots of fun ways.

Adults can experience a range of different crafts, whilst relaxing, socialising and emersing themselves in a fun experience, spending quality time on themselves.